Payroll Services in Atlanta Georgia

Payroll isn't any longer simply payroll. With our Payroll Services, you'll simply recruit, retain, manage, and grow your team. Sarathi Consulting aims at shifting you back into the driver seat of running your company and allowing your business specialize in the revenue manufacturing task and core activities.
Sarathi Consulting Payroll Services can assist you with the administration of your business payroll nuances. We offer all the Payroll Services in Atlanta Georgia that big PEO’s usually offer while retaining the management and confidentiality within your control.
The professionals at Sarathi Consulting grasp your wants, map those wants to specific solutions, and support you as a payroll partner for the long run. You can always trust us with our professional expertise, representation skills and liaising acumen in our field. A number of the core payroll services we provide under the payroll services Atlanta ga are:
• Prepare worker payroll
• Prepare the payroll taxes (employee & employer)
• Prepare Quarterly 941s, 940s, Department of Labor Forms and State withholding tax returns
• Prepare annual W-2s, W-3s, 1096s, 1099s and report to agencies
• Work with the IRS, State and Social Security Administration on various payroll issues
Why choose Sarathi Consulting?
Engaging our payroll services shouldn’t just be a cost cutting measure; rather it should function as a 360 degree payroll solution with complete peace of mind for the management.
You must have in all probability noticed that there are several payroll companies in Atlanta that offer outsourced payroll services as a ‘secondary’ feature of their overall business.
That Sarathi Consulting Payroll Services employs dedicated payroll specialists who have the sole priority of providing punctual, exact, and reliable payroll transactions separates us from the competition out there. Sarathi Consulting Payroll Services takes the time to grasp your specific wants and brings you a customized payroll answer that completely suits your company - no more, no less.