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At Sarathi Consulting, we take pride in offering accurate tax preparation service. to our esteemed clients. Our panel of experts providing Atlanta tax preparation services leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that the most diligent advices are imparted to the individuals and businesses we cater to. We constantly strive to minimize your tax liabilities while securing your financial interests simultaneously and provide best tax preparation services Atlanta.
We take care for you all the stress that comes with the complexities and timelines and guarantee that our computations are 100% accurate and diligent with availing all deductions and benefits the assessee is eligible for.
Specializing in accounting and tax preparation, our firm stands apart from the various other accounting firms Atlanta Georgia out there; just for the reason that we represent each client with utmost honesty, integrity, and diligence. Notwithstanding your specific circumstances, we have a tendency to assist you in the best possible way. Our tax preparation team can gather all relevant documents and assist you get the optimum refund in a fast and economical manner.
Our book-keeping services is one of the best bookkeeping services in Atlanta. We bring the below listed value additions to your Businesses through our services:
• Hiring a Professional help that ensures you are fully compliant with frequent changes in regulations and laws. We ensure professional outputs and peace of mind.
• Cost Saving: The associated cost entails a much lighter cash outflow as compared with a full-time bookkeeper. The outflows like bookkeeper salary, benefits, insurance, training and infrastructure costs can be easily done away with.
• Opportunity cost of the saved time: You can use the extra time thus saved to build & boost your business further.
• Flexiblity: While outsourcing, our services are completely flexible and we modify them as per your dynamic needs.

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